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Video App Suite Review – Early Bird Discount & Huge Bonuses

By draha

December 30, 2019

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Video App Suite:  Special Discount and Huge Bonuses.  would you want to know more about Video App Suite?
Please read through my review before picking it up to evaluate if it is worth your investment. Well, I am sure it is!

Video App Suite Review – Overview.
Video Suite

  • Vendor: Paul Ponna
  • Product: Video App Suite
  • Launch Date: 2019 – July – 23
  • Launch Time: 02:00 EDT
  • Official Website:  >> Click Here <<

  • Front-End Price: $47 (not fixed)
    Bonus: Yes, >>Click here to see my bonuses<<
  • Refund: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Experience Needed: No Experience Required
  • Support: Friendly $ Effective Response
  • Recommend: Highly Recommended

Access Early-bird Discount

What is Video App Suite?

Video App Suite is an all-in-one video creation tool that includes 8 powerful tools for you to create any type of marketing video you can think of.

Not only do you just get an incredible video editing app, but you also get 7 extra apps that can enable you to create extremely high-quality Instagram story recordings, Facebook cover videos, YouTube introduction, and outro recordings, (and considerably more) for yourself and for your clients.

All 8 apps are cloud-based and come with pre-made templates so you can be smashing out killer content within minutes!

Video App Suite Review – Features & Benefits

In the rest of this Video App Suite review, I will outline some of the core features and what I think of them.

App 1 — Intro Outro Expert App

If you have ever watched a video on YouTube and saw a really compelling video intro/outro, this is how it’s made! You can create professional and eye-catching intros and outro videos in minutes using ready-made video templates. Intros and outros for video are proven to grab attention, get more engagement, and clicks all while making you look more professional. They also give the video a high-end professional feel!

The traditional style of making intro and outro videos is very daunting and time-consuming, and YouTube has also removed its general video editor from its website.

So, if you guys are really serious about making intro and outro videos at a glance, then you can use this App.

It already has some ready-made intro and outro video templates that you can use and edit to make your own intro and outro videos.

App 2 — Cover Pro.

You know those annoying but extremely high-quality and engaging ads you see on FaceBook? This is what is used to create them! Create Facebook VIDEOS (not images). Video covers are proven to drive engagement and sales via Facebook and make you look like an authority!

Facebook cover videos are the best way to promote your products and brands on Facebook because they have a high attraction and attention value.

If you are a freelancer, affiliate marketer, or you are running a social media marketing agency, or you are a lover of Facebook cover videos, then smile because you can now easily make these videos, while driving large engagement and sales via Facebook.

App 3 — Live Mockup.

If you are looking forward to enhancing your brand engagement, then Mockup Live is the best smartphone application that can let you add your images and logos to the live moving scenes.

These videos grasp attention like no other video format to deliver incredible results. Perfect for social media to draw attention to your brand!

Do you know anything about subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are the stimuli that are below the sensory stimuli of viewers. For instance, when an image flashes for a millisecond that is way smaller to grab the conscious attention of buyers, then it is called subliminal messages stimulation.

It is now confirmed through many studies that Subliminal messages are helpful to beguile the customers to buy your products or do something that you want them to, e.g. liking your video page; or clicking on the buy or signup button.

Although showing your images and logos in the live videos is precisely not subliminal messages, but still, it can enhance the response from your followers to many folds.

App 4 — Slide Machine.

Slide Machine is another great app provided in the Video App Suite that can allow you to create videos with slides, customize the elements of your video, and add your own photographs and text directly in the videos.

Again, as I said earlier, these new features can be really helpful to grow your engagement with the followers and subscribers and I definitely recommend utilizing it.

App 5 — Story Monarch.

Instagram is becoming another sensation in the social media marketing niche and now Instagram and Facebook story videos are becoming the next social media trends.

Every person now loves to make and watch the story videos on Facebook and Instagram; so why you should settle behind your competitors?

With this App, you can easily make exciting story videos that you can directly upload on Instagram and Facebook.

App 6 — White Boarder.

Have you seen those stunning whiteboard videos, with lots of animation?

These whiteboard videos are the best way to increase your presence on the internet while increasing your product sales and brand image.

Yet, if you hire a professional whiteboard animation maker on Fiverr or Upwork, then he or she will charge you a hefty price from $200 to $700 for a single whiteboard video of few minutes.

So, now you have a solution in the form of this 6th App provided in the Video App Suite package.

There are many done-for-you video templates available on this app that you can use to make your own whiteboard animation video with few taps and swipes.

You don’t need to be an expert to make these videos because this app is easy to use.

App 7 — Video Ads Architect.

Video Ads Architect app is another marvel in this package that can allow you to make square videos that are becoming the latest trends on social networking sites.

You must accept that smartphones have become the most valuable assets for internet marketers because more than 70% of traffic on the internet is now produced by smartphones.

Therefore, considering the choices of smartphone visitors is compulsory; to increase the sales and brand awareness of your product.

The square videos are becoming popular among smartphone viewers because of its better viewing experience.

So, you must use this app to make square videos for your smartphone followers.

App 8 — Custom VideoFX.

Finally, Custom Video app is the last app in this Video App Suite Review package that you can buy.

This app is best for the existing video editor or social media marketing agencies because it can allow you to add text effects and animations in the present video of your clients; to make them more attracting and appealing.

In fact, you can turn them into a square, landscape, portrait, or vertical video, for making them suitable for the different social media networking websites.

This app is a great way to convert a boring and dull video into astounding high-quality videos that your clients and customers will prefer at first sight.

How Does Video App Suite Work?

Here is a demo video to help you start out with the Video App Suite.

Access Early-bird Discount

Pros $ Cons.


  • Support many video formats including AVI, FLV and MPEG and audio formats like MP3, WAV and OGG
  • Support various video output formats. AVI, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX, MOV, H.263, 3GP
  • Cut, merge, join video seamlessly.
  • Cloud-based
  • Drag and drop


  • You need a good internet connection

Pricing & Evaluation.

Video App Suite has 2 options for you to consider.

First Option: Commercial License – $47 >> Get Access<<

  • 8 quality video creation tools
  • Create unlimited movies
  • Premium custom video template
  • Commercial license for reselling videos.

Second Option: Business in a Box – $67 >>Get Access<<

  • 8 quality video creation tools
  • Create unlimited movies
  • Premium custom video template
  • Commercial license for reselling videos.
  • Sell tools as your software
  • 8 powerful sales videos
  • 8 sales pages to start making profits
  • Free storage and unlimited tools maintenance

My Final Thoughts.

I must say that I really liked the fact that this large package of 8 highly effective video maker apps is available to you with the nominal prices.

You can use all these 8 video apps; to skyrocket your sales or increase your brand presence; without even hiring any freelancer or social media marketing agency.

I am sure this package can save you a lot of money while increasing your presence on the internet as it has done for me.

  • Access Early-bird Discount


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